About me

Hi, my name is Oriol Cosp. I am a data scientist and an aspiring game developer.

My journey into data science started in my final year at university. I was finishing a degree in mathematics when I heard about data science and became instantly hooked. Using data to predict the future and make better decisions is what I had always wanted to do, even if I had never articulated it like that. I learned about machine learning and databases searching on the internet and reading books. It wasn’t easy as the path wasn’t clear.

Professionally, I’ve been a Data Science consultant for more than 6 years, working with more than 15 different companies. During this time, I’ve developed recommender systems, predictive models (demand forecast, probability of click, …), segmentations and other analyses. Nowadays I work at Nextail, a SaaS that helps retailers manage their stock.

I write about data science and about game development.

Feel free to contact me at oriol.cosp at gmail.