I’ve made the following commercial games:

  • Gods vs Horrors is a roguelike card auto-battler where you coordinate Gods to defend the Earth against Cosmic Horrors. You can wishlist it on Steam.
  • The Ouroboros King combines the strategic depth of chess with the build variety and replayability of roguelikes. Available on Steam, Android, and iOS.

Additionally, here are other games that I developed for game jams or learning purposes. They may not be as polished, but they have cool mechanics:

  • Magplat is a minimalist 2D platformer where you use magnetic forces to perform challenging acrobatics and overcome puzzles. Play it free on itch.
  • Blackjack Survivors is a twin-stick shooter where you also play blackjack to increase your power. Playing it feels like juggling while answering math questions. Play it free on itch.