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Hi, my name is Oriol Cosp. I am a Data Scientist and Indie Game Developer.

I’ve released the following games:

  • Magplat, a 2d minimalistic platformer with magnets

Some of my best Data Science articles are:

  • How to learn Data Science from scratch. The guide that I would have liked to read when I started learning Data Science. It contains a clear path and links to educational resources.
  • When to study a Data Science master’s. A detailed analysis of the pros and cons of studying an MSc in DS, comparing my experience and my wife’s (she studied a master’s in DS, I didn’t).
  • How to get a job in Data Science. A general guide to getting a job with specific tips and resources that have been useful to me in the past. It goes through every step of the job search process and suggests ways to improve your odds of landing a new job.
  • How to estimate the impact of algorithms. An often forgotten skill that should be in every Data Scientist’s kit. The article describes with an example how you can estimate the impact your models have on your organization.