The Ouroboros King, prototype release

During the last months, I’ve been working on a chess roguelike game: the Ouroboros King. I’m trying to do with chess what Slay the Spire did with card games.

I’ve finally released the first version of the Ouroboros King, you can play it on itch. All constructive feedback is welcome.

This first version contains the following elements:

  • A procedurally generated map a la Slay the Spire
  • An army management system, so you can change your piece formation
  • A combat system, that is basically chess with some variations (doesn’t tell you when you’re in check, kings can be captured, new pieces are available)
  • An event system, where you can upgrade your army and recruit new pieces after winning a combat

However, it’s still lacking many elements that I want to incorporate into the game:

  • An item system, with consumable combat bonuses
  • A relic system, with permanent bonuses
  • A dialog system and lore descriptions to tell the game’s story (similarly to how the Souls series or Hollow Knight tell their stories)
  • Many extra alternative chess pieces, to add more variety
  • Battlefield modifications, such as rocks that block movement
  • 2 extra stages with boss fights at the end (this release includes only the 1st stage)
  • Endgame difficulty options and unlockables to extend the game’s life
  • Background music

Many of them will make it to the free demo, and the rest will be available on the final version that I plan to release on steam.

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