The Ouroboros King, the relic update

Game updates

I’m happy to announce that during the past few weeks I’ve added the following changes to the game:

  • Introduction of relics, some of which affect combat and others affect army upgrades. You will always start with an Alarm Bell, that tells you when your king is in danger (which should make the game more accessible). Other relics will be available by visiting treasure nodes on the map
  • Added rocks that block unit movement during combat
  • Added a soundtrack, composed by my brother Licus
  • Added some animations and sound effects to improve the game’s juice
  • Nerfed the Berzerker, as it was too strong. Now it moves either 3 squares vertically or horizontally, or 2 squares diagonally. It can no longer kill the enemy king on its own on most situations

You can play the updated demo on the same itch link.


I’ve created a Steam page for the game, with the placeholder art. If you’re reading this, go wishlist it now, thanks! I don’t really expect it to get noticed too much right now, but I needed it up to enroll on festivals. On that note, I got rejected from Tacticon and I’ve enrolled on October’s Steam Next Fest. Starting to enroll on festivals so early may be a bit reckless, but I expect development speed to pick up soon as I’ll be on vacation during August and on September my daughter will start kindergarden.

I’ve also started talks with an artist to commission art for the game.

My following steps will be adding the item system along with a rewind mechanic that should make the game a lot more accessible.

Thanks for reading and as always, subscribe for more updates.

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