The Ouroboros King, the item system update

Hi everyone, during the last few weeks I’ve been on vacation, which has allowed me to spend a lot of time adding more content to the game. Since the previous update, I’ve added:

  • Many new pieces: portal mage, immortal, cardinal, pawn, and fool
  • The item system, including gold rewards for winning battles and a shop
  • A difficulty system to make sure everyone can enjoy the game
  • Quality of life improvements to the initial army and map system, making sure you’re not shown too many new units at the same time and you always have relevant options on the map
  • Some polish to the sounds and new tracks by my brother Licus

With all of this, I am very happy with the demo in terms of gameplay. But there are still many visual improvements that I’d like to add, mainly animations to improve the game’s juice.

Next steps

Since Steam’s Next fest is at the beginning of October and I already have a working demo, I’ll focus on marketing during the following weeks. I intend to test many different things and see what sticks to try to build some momentum before the festival. Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam if you haven’t yet. I’ll surely do a minor update when the cover art is ready, and if I have some time to spare I’ll add some extra animations.

After the festival, I’ll go back to developing the game working on a dynamic monologue system and on content for the other 2 stages.

Thanks for reading and as always, subscribe for more updates.

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